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Task management software and project management software RS TaskGroup by Raikosoft Professional software for task management - Practicing effective task management in your team online

Task Management

Business task management software - task management online for your team Online task management software - for your team and your business

A good process management application assists in planing operations and delegating the necessary tasks to all employees. A clear presentation of progress and times also ensures timely achievement of upcoming duties, which is exactly what your company needs to stay on track!

With RS TaskGroup, you receive a software that contains all the functionality for efficient task-oriented management. Tasks can be organized into projects, subprojects, tasks and subtasks. This ensures maximum flexibility and adapts to the structure of your company, making it stronger.

Perfectly organized with RS TaskGroup

Task management with RS TaskGroup

Award Winning Todo List Software - The tool for online task management The central storage of data and web-based access enable cross-site collaboration between employees and external persons. An integrated messaging system informs you just in time about scheduled or completed tasks within the program as well as via email. The "Due-View" then visualizes overdue and upcoming tasks across all projects for a timely completion. Assigning tasks with commenting functionality ensures everyone involved in the project knows what’s going on, thus strengthening communication within the team. Graphical curves show, at a glance, the workflow of a task.

What functionality is included in the RS TaskGroup task management software?

Adopted in numerous enterprises

Thousands of users, from small companies to large corporations, manage their tasks and projects with RS TaskGroup. Join this group and gain the ultimate organization advantage.

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Well-organized task planning: Effective and clear.

The user interface of RS TaskGroup is based on common business software. You and your employees get use to it quickly, requiring little time for training. Task Management brings you the efficiency to achieve more in less time because it is effective and easy-to-use, ensuring speedy work. Additionally, the presentation of the software visualizes workflow, helping to manage the company's tasks. RS TaskGroup is the ideal tool for managing your tasks.

List of tasks divided into projects

Open structure, maximum flexibility

Flat to-do lists, as you known them from other products, reach their limits quickly in modern companies. Many tasks require flexible structures for implementation, e.g. sub-tasks. With RS TaskGroup, tasks can be divided into subtasks and projects can be split into manageable sub-projects. These can then be targeted individually or executed parallel to one another. This way the process management adapts easily to the work processes of your company.

Questions about the todo software? A company with a solid customer base, for example, would use a corresponding "customer project" for each patron at the top level and place all related projects below said consumer. If, on the other hand, the focus of the company is a variable clientele, the processes would be at the first level. Discuss your needs with our staff and you will learn how to manage your company's processes with RS TaskGroup.

Treeview Structured task packages with subtasks; All data at a glance.
Due view Overdue tasks listed in chronological order.
Calendar View Ideal for scheduling and keeping track of tasks.
Gantt view The perfect view of the temporal task planning.
Resource Plan A tool for planning teams, complete with workload display.


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Distributing tasks: Delegate tasks to individuals and groups.

Planning tasks is only one part of task management. An efficient process management software will also provide the ability to delegate tasks to team members. With RS TaskGroup, team members are informed of their incoming tasks. Centralized management of data and simultaneous online access are a clear advantage over other solutions, like task lists in Excel™, for example.

Task workflow: collaboration and workflows graphically visualized

Workflow of a task

Assigning tasks to an employee or a team is done easily with the assignment management. For one or more tasks, simply select the responsible employee or a team of employees to assign this task to. The employee then receives a notification either directly inside the software or via e-mail.

In the "TreeView" and "TaskInfo" views you can directly see the responsible person for each task. The project manager, when having appropriate access rights, will always have a full overview and can ensure achievement of the milestones.

With the "Ask" functionality, an employee can clarify ambiguities of the task. Notes and comments related to the task are attached directly into the workflow of the assignment, so all the information an employee needs is in one easy view. Tasks are then reported back with an "OK" stamp of approval and can be delegated to accounting, for example, or finalized. Realizing a heavy workflow without the software to help is extremely costly and error-prone. That is the reason an efficient task management software is so important and necessary.

With the RS TaskGroup's Task Management, you can even perform chained assignments. This provides the opportunity to implement a four-eyes principle and more.


Time Tracking: Verify estimated times and evaluate.

A time tracking support is integrated in the online task management, which assists in controlling and costing. When an employee starts a task, the time tracking for this task can be started with a single click. Several times, including individual comments, can be recorded per task. Time tracking in the software runs independently in the background and does not require an active client. For example, a time tracking started at work can be completed with the online task management smartphone app, making it easier to work on-the-go. The tracked times can be grouped by tasks, employees, teams or projects. The export functionality can even provide the tracked times, e.g. in Excel™ format, to your commercial software.

Report of recorded project times


Due Lists: Appointment-oriented task management.

Adhering to deadlines and time limits is an important virtue when dealing with customers, business partners and suppliers. Without central online task management, you may lose overview at the variety of tasks, especially when short term tasks are added, milestones are moved or a staff member must be replaced. For an individual that might still be manageable, but enterprise-wide tasks are spread across multiple employees, requiring a suitable tool for successful time management.

Tasks listed by their due date

Project-related and cross-project due lists

The status of a project can be viewed at a glance in the project-related "due list". You can see which tasks are overdue or will be due in the next few days easily. So you will recognize early where the project's bottlenecks are and where tasks may need to be readjusted. Due to the direct project relation, important projects can be prioritized appropriately. The cross-project "due view" gives you a general overview of the of tasks processing status. Short-term capacity shortages are recognizable and you can take countermeasures. Important dates and deadlines will never pass without notice.

Employee-related "Due View"

The employee-related "Due View" contains the list of tasks that are assigned to a particular employee. To the employees, it serves as a list of work to be done. On the other hand, the management has an overview of:

If due dates or prioritization of tasks change, the order can be corrected by simply moving the tasks on screen using the mouse.


Recurring Tasks: Track regularly occurring tasks.

Options for recurring tasks

Tasks that recur at routine intervals should be created automatically by the task management software. RS TaskGroup not only provides this functionality, but also provides additional functions such as creation time, direct assignment and reminders. Options for a recurring task are daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and on certain weekdays or specific days of the month, as established with traditional Office applications. Another feature of RS TaskGroup's recurring tasks is the ability to create the next, recurring task after the predecessor has been completed.


Task Management with History: Work steps and changes are reproducible.

The original definition of a task rarely remains unchanged. Possible causes for an adjustment could include:

The chronicle feature of the online "RS TaskGroup" task management software provides a tracible history of your tasks. It provides a list including all versions of a task. These tasks are either displayed as a whole or changes between versions can be highlighted. In addition to the changes being visibly displayed, the editor and time of the change is distinguishable.


Managing Tasks inside calendar: Day view, week view, and month view.

The Calendar view of RS Task Group lists tasks, employee absences, sick leave, vacation time and holiday time. In the schedule, you can see at a glance which tasks are due, where parallel appointments occur or where free periods are available. By double-clicking, you can create new tasks and simply by dragging and dropping these tasks, you can change its duration and start date. There are four calendar views available in the online todo list software:

The calendar in the process management software can be used like the due date view, per project or cross-project.

The calendar view: Managing tasks and appointments

Flexible filter function creates overview

The calendar does not only show project-related tasks but also cross-project entries. Thus, it can either be used as a personal calendar, as a group or project calendar. The flexible filter functionality is a useful tool to display only the desired information. You can, for example, filter appointments for a single department or specific projects. Displaying employee absences and holiday time can dynamically be switched on or off at your preference.

Exporting calendar entries via iCal for popular software such as Microsoft Outlook

The export functionality returns the calendar in iCalendar format (iCal or ICS). This enables you to import the task's dates into third-party software. The format is supported by many popular programs and online cloud services, including:


Mobile access: Online task management with iPhone™, iPad™ and Android™.

Android app on Google Play
iPhone and iPad app in the App Store

Smartphones are an integral part of the business environment. Sending and recieving emails with your mobile is typical these days and task management should not be an exception. Mobile access to business information encourages collaboration, even when employees are not on site. With the free RS Task Group Apps for iPhone™, iPad™ and Android™, you get the right tool for proficient mobile use.


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Features and pricing:

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